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Welcome to the Polsky Family Web Site, a place for all family members to stay in touch with each other through the Online Polsky Forum; to view loved ones...and to have an entertaining moment during a hectic day.

What makes the Polskys a family?
We have remained united, with a common faith and a common yearning - to belong.  Our family is a hand within a hand and a sheltering heart. This and more is what what makes us a family.

In the Polsky family there is love, comfort, security, and understanding. Without love, our family could not live, grow, and perfect itself as a community of persons. That is why we remain bound to the true concept of a family - a community of persons, of husband and wife, of parents and children, founded and given life by love.

The inner principles, permanent power and final goal of our family is love...now, and always. The life fostered in common among the members of our family so that they are given all they need for body and soul in daily family life.  

Her love was boundless while she was on this earth. Now when we're cold and all alone, and emptiness tears us apart, we can wrap inside the memory and live again inside her heart.  You'll Never Walk Alone, Rose
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